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Times of the year. The book of hours of Duke Berry
The powerful of this world have often been trendsetters. With the change of rulers has varied, and fashion trends. How many were there - a lot. And for each country, each ruler was a new page of the book, starting with his accession to the throne, a new Chapter in the history of their country. And as with every year,...
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In the area of the Tunguska artifacts
The participants of the research expedition of the Siberian public state Foundation "Tunguska space phenomenon" consider that in the area of the Tunguska meteorite they were able to detect the blocks alien technical device. Outer body, later called Tongues...
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Ancient religious capital of Mexico flourished for 1,000 years before rose to the Aztec Empire. Still thorough archaeological research did not answer the question of who, when and why it was built. Even the death of this city shrouded in mystery.The Center Of The Universe. No one knows the true...
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The shimmering white marble of the Taj Mahal commemorates the love of man and woman. Its symmetry and sophistication like a perfect pearl set against an azure sky. It is not only the most famous mausoleum, one of the most beautiful buildings on earth.The ideal proportions. To get to the Taj Mahal,...
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This giant fortification was blocked - and open - way to the riches and mysteries of the Chinese Empire. The size of the great wall of China is so striking that it was called the eighth wonder of the world.Watchtower. You may first build the tower, which could accommodate 30 to 50 Sol...
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Rose-red Petra was once a flourishing town stood at the crossroads of ancient trade routes. For many centuries, the Europeans did not know about the existence of this city. Its amazing carved stone dwellings are still intact, they are surrounded by high mountains, through which...
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Artifacts Of Agramonte
Protective stones Agramonte sacred relics. Creating the world of Agramonte, fairies protected him from the evil three stones: green emerald is a symbol of the earth, red opal - a symbol of fire and blue aquamarine - a symbol of water. Three people - kokiri, Gorani and Zorah - picked up for storage...
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Found an artifact that could revolutionize the idea of the history of the world
Irkutsk archaeologists on the verge of world discovery. During excavations near the under construction bridge across the Angara river they found an artifact that can change ideas about Siberia. Found the pest can completely turn the idea of the history of the world. The ancient subject of approximately 8 thousand years. Scientists...
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Holy Grail found in Rome
Italian archaeologist Alfredo Barbagallo, claims that the Holy Grail never left Rimasto insights Barbagallo is based on the study of medieval iconography inside the Basilica and a description of the characteristics of the underground Italian archaeologist, Alfredo Barbagallo, claims that he ...
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Mysterious megaliths
The mystery of the megaliths have long been concerned with humanity.And lately interestingnesses-sanhedralites Islands.Drevnekitaiskogo: Millennium BC. e. Megaliths belong to different epochs. Their vosvod...
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In South America civilization existed 4000 years ago.
In the Andes mountains in southern Ecuador archaeologists have discovered a 4,000-year-old artifacts, indicating the presence in the upper Amazon Basin of an ancient civilization, about which until now nothing was known. Subsequent systematic excavations in other nearby areas has led to the discovery of complex architectural...
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Necropolis:1. In one of the tombs downed the names of the Pharaoh. Or just empty seats or even dirty, the place of a chip and a new name written. If the tomb was carefully hiding and guarded from looting, how does one Pharaoh "captured" the tomb of another?2. Breed of limestone SK...
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The temple of Ramses III (Medinet Habu)
The temple of Ramses III (Medinet Habu):1. Child's play compared to the Ramesseum (the granite part of it). As if technology is lost completely only a quarter of a century. But if you don't consider the granite part of the Ramesseum, both structures are very similar not only in style but also in terms of technology...
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The ramesseum
Ramesseum:1. Statue of Ramses II (and his actually - ?) impresses with its size and quality. Only the pedestal pulls on 750 tons low, and the statue even more.2. The face of the statue carefully down.3. Granite artifacts (statue, gates, plates, etc.) are concentrated on rather limited...
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This report was read at the Conference on Hyperborea. Scientific Conference "Hyperborea, Arctida, Aryavarta - the origins of civilization?" was held in St. Petersburg on 21-22 March 2002. The conference was held with the support of the Russian geographical society, the International club ...
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Aswan giant
The word Ancient Egypt, the vast majority of people, naturally, an Association with the pyramids and mummies. But not less well-known form of monumental architecture of the ancient Egyptians are the obelisks. The word "obelisk" is of Greek origin, meaning skewer or spit, and singing...
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New drawings in the Nazca desert
About the drawings of the Nazca desert today almost everyone knows who is interested in mysteries of ancient history. Scientists for more than twenty years ago decided on the Dating of this mysterious phenomenon by applying it around the middle of the 1st Millennium B. C. E. and attributing its creation local Indian cul...
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Pyramids of Giza - the legacy, the history of the planet, the invitation to dialogue.
Continuing hopeless attempts to explain the existence of the complex of pyramids of Giza, not involving extra-terrestrial intelligence, and based only on the capabilities of the human race, but the more attempts to justify this point of view, the more noticeable principle impossibility of similar building...
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Statues of Easter island
Easter island (Rapanui) (Pascua, Rapa Nui), a volcanic island in the Eastern Pacific ocean is 165.5 square kilometers. The height of 539 metres. Belongs To Chile. The population is about 2 thousand people. Fishing. Sheep. The remains of the vanished culture of the Polynesians (stone sculpture, plates, ...
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Mexican pyramid
One of the objects that cause the keen interest of archeoastronomy, located 60 km North-East of Mexico city. This is the archaeological zone of Teotihuacan, one of the modern wonders of the world.Teotihuacan - a Ghost town was given by the Aztecs, who came here in the XII century BC From the ancient language ...
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Giant drawings of the Nazca desert
Like secrets waiting for scientists in other places of the planet. The sunbathing figure of man drawn in the desert near Blythe, California. Big snake in Ohio, USA. Signs-arrows depicted at the Western coast of the Aral sea. Especially a lot of puzzles keeps the Nazca desert in Peru. She ...
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The tunnels of the pyramid
Many Egyptologists still believe that the Great pyramid carries, in addition to discovered the other secret chamber. Perhaps, it is connected by underground passages with other similar pyramids, with the Sphinx, with small temples and other ancient Egyptian buildings.Professor Robert Ballard, schi...
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Airfields vanished civilizations
The ancient Peruvians, the Incas or the earlier to the Incas civilization had the knowledge that allowed designing aircraft. When the Swedish researcher "ancient Aeronautics" Erich von Daniken for the first time said this, the most conservative of the experts considered e...
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Stone balls in the forests of Costa Rica
In the 1930s, during the clearing of forests Costa Rica under the banana plantations, it was found many stone balls giant size, geometrically perfect and smooth as a mirror. Some of them had a diameter of about 2 m and a weight of over sixteen tons. There were thousands throughout the Le...
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In the North-East of Jordan, among picturesque olive groves and pine forests, lost the town of Ajloun. They say that once long ago in its place was a Christian monastery, where lived a monk Ajloun, on behalf of which the city got its name. But closely story Agluna associated with the era of Crosses...
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Mysteries of ancient giants. The Megaliths Of Malta
When talking about the megaliths, immediately think of Stonehenge in England, Newgrange in Ireland or Carnac in France, although the most ancient megalithic structures are on the small Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean sea. They are notable for the fact that, as a rule, are not in isolation, but the image...
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The great mystery of Arkaim
Not as well known as Stonehenge, but no less unique and even more complex fortified settlement of Arkaim was discovered in 1987 near the city of Chelyabinsk. A thorough study of this ring-shaped structures of the IV - III Millennium BC, archaeologists and astronomers have established that...
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The Laws Of Hammurabi.
The most outstanding monument of ancient legal thought are the Laws of Hammurabi, immortalized on the black basalt column. In addition, there are a large number of copies of certain parts of the laws on clay tablets. The code begins with a lengthy introduction, which refers to t...
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Stonehenge was used for the study of geometry
The builders of Stonehenge were more sophisticated geometry than previously thought. To this conclusion came an archaeologist from the University of Oxford Anthony Johnson after five years of research. Briefly the results of work of scientific results in the newspaper The Independent.Stonehenge is a complex of stone blocks,...
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Prehistoric artifacts
There are many indirect evidence that in the distant past our planet was visited by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations that have reached a high level of development. Numerous artifacts found in different corners of the globe, depict strange beings in our time are called...
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The mummy and the sarcophagus of Meresamun
The mummy and the sarcophagus of Meresamun are a great example of the skill of ancient embalmers and undertakers of the 22nd dynasty, about 950 BC, the Mummy and the sarcophagus was acquired in Egypt by James Henry Brested, the founder of the Oriental Institute in 1920-m to year. Where Meresamun lived and died,...
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Colossal statue of Tutankhamun
This statue of Pharaoh Tutankhamun's was found by archeologists of the Oriental Institute, who worked in Thebes. She was next usurped by the pharaohs, and now bears the name of Horemheb.Tutankhamun on the double crown and Nemes - head cover of the pharaohs; over his forehead menacingly towers standing on the tail of the goddess-the ber...
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Ancient Egyptian portrait head of a man from a Museum in Kiev
In the Kiev Museum of Western and Oriental art stored ancient Egyptian head of a man (height 25 cm). The material is red granite with black speckles. Sohrannost of the monument is excellent, apart from a minor, barely noticeable nicks on the upper lip and eyelids on both eyes. Degree edu...
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Recently it became known the first results of the expedition "Baikal-2005: the Great Russian Triangle", which was organized on the initiative of Andrei Polyakov, a famous journalist and researcher of antiquities. As already reported to the participants of the expedition in September 2005, were able to examine we...
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3300 years kept their secrets of Tutankhamun's tomb in the Egyptian Valley of the kings. Found in it the richest gold treasure shocked the imagination of people around the world that brought worldwide fame to the person who opened it.A tomb worthy of a Pharaoh. The sarcophagus of Tutankhamun consisted of three nested into each...
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Jews, Christians and Muslims fill the ancient streets of Jerusalem - a city-symbol of their common heritage and the centre of a furious struggle.An unforgettable sight. Mount Zion attracts tourists and believers, especially at Easter, Pentecost and the feast of Tabernacles. Convent of the assumption stands on the ...
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In his time V. I. Vernadsky proved that the continents can be formed only due to the presence of the biosphere. Between the ocean and the continent there is always a negative balance, i.e. the rivers bring in the oceans is always less matter than it comes from the oceans. The main force that is involved in this protable...
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The life expectancy of our ancestors was unusually large. According to H. P. Blavatsky (as it refers to the priest of the temple of Bel Beroz, author of “History of cosmogony”), Alapar, the second divine ruler of Babylon, ruled 10.800 years, and the first ruler of ALOR - 36.000 years. From these figures...
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In the mid-seventies, after reading the A. A. Gorbovsky that many thousands of years ago there was an advanced civilization that perished in the flood, I was literally stunned. Reading and re-reading his book “Mysteries of ancient civilizations”, I opened it more and more ...
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The forbidden city in Beijing
Tenth Oct 2005 80 years from that day, as the Imperial Palace in Beijing, all of which usually called the Forbidden city became a Museum. Forbidden city for over 500 years was the capital of China, hence ruled by 24 emperors of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911)....
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Myths of the world
The latest timeline These notes are intended for those who are already in trouble with the "New chronology". Looking at something as innocuous hoax is rapidly growing to the extent of national beliefs, I decided to tell you how it really was. Boduch...
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Kiwi bird on the airplanes of Egyptian darkness
According to the agreement with the publishing house "Bestseller" we publish in our magazine a few chapters of the "book of the strange" bird Kiwi. The first fragment, which we offer to the readers, tells of the unusual archaeological finds in China, Egypt and the...
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In Istanbul the ancient Byzantine port of
Turkish archaeologists have once again announced a sensational discovery. This time we are talking about ancient Byzantine port discovered at the construction site of new metro stations. His discovery specialists dubbed the "port of Theodosius" in honor ruled in the 4th century Emperor of Rome...
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Noah's ark has sailed to Iran
Text: Olga Subject.In the most unexpected place - in the mountains of Iran - U.S. scientists have discovered an object that, in their representations, can be nothing other than the legendary Noah's ark. However, evidence for an unambiguous statement it is not enough, but skeptical about...
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The story of David and Goliath reality?
Meir Oren from bar-Ilan University (Israel), the scientist-the archaeologist leading the excavation in southern Israel, the site of the ancient city of gat, found the artifact, testifying in favor of the reality of the old Testament stories about David and Goliath. A shard of a clay vessel which may have been part of...
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Artifact from Kandalaksha
Two years ago I gave gray metallic chip is unusually heavy for its compact size. The man who brought it claimed to have brought the sample in 1991 from the expedition to Turkey, where, allegedly, there was a crash of an unknown aircraft. Original Taiwan chip, quality guar...
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